Studio 2 – AEROBICS

Studio 2 – AEROBICS


Lift barbells and dumbbells to awesome beats while also building up your overall strength and fitness with this weight-based group session.


Experience a variety of Yoga styles led by our experienced instructors to help build the connection between your mind and body.

LesMills Body Pump

A total body workout that will burn calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.

LesMills Body Combat

Mixed martial arts-inspired workout that fuels cardio fitness and defines and strengthens your whole body. You’ll feel empowered and in control as you build phenomenal core strength.


Drills and techniques from boxing combined with cardio exercises will get you fit. Suitable to all fitness levels.


Postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance, focussing on relaxing tense muscles as well as strengthening them.


Using simple and dynamic stretches, you will increase your range of motion and release tension.


Dynamic group dance class fusing Latin rhythms. It is a fun and full body workout, mixing both low and high intensity moves to get your heart rate up.

Cardio Tone

A fusion of floor, step, weights, swiss ball and weighted exercises. Different every week. Go at your own pace to develop your cardio fitness and functional strength and tone your whole body.


A fun way to do your cardio. Each month is a different dance style to move and groove to.

Body Dynamics

A blend of yoga, pilates, stretching and body awareness. Great for core strength, flexibility, balance and muscular endurance.


A low impact aerobics class combining basic and athletic rhythmic movements to exercise large muscle groups. Improve your cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility while having fun.

LesMills Body Balance

Is the yoga, tai chi and Pilates workout that helps you build your flexibility and core strength while reducing stress and focusing your mind to create a lasting sense of wellbeing

Aero Mix

Cardio fitness, everyday strength, coordination and mobility combined in a fun aerobic styled class that will keep you fit and healthy for daily living.

Box Fit

Drills and techniques from boxing, great for stress busting and accessible to all ages and fitness levels. This class includes partner/glove work, pad work and cardio drills.

Abs & Rockbottom

Want firm flat abs and a strong lower back? Want to tone your glutes and develop functional power In your legs to create glutes that salute? Affectionately entitled Abs and Butt class!


Want stronger abs and lower back? Here’s your solution! Get ready to challenge your core with functional movements.


50 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training which may include Strength, Bodyweight, Cardio and Core. This class will burn calories and raise your metabolism for hours.

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