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A place for articles from our allied health partners, full of useful information for you.

Stellar Reception will be staffed as usual from 6am–8pm during the Australia Day holiday on Tuesday 26 January. Members with a 24/7 access tag will be able to enter the
Does a distended tummy pop up throughout your day and cause you discomfort? If so, you’re experiencing bloating. Bloating is a common symptom experienced by lots of people and defined
Gut health is a hot topic in the world of nutrition right now! And for good reason. As research is conducted in this relatively new field of nutrition, more and
Life isn’t fair to us ladies. For many years we must endure painful and inconvenient periods, and this is nothing compared to the pain experienced during childbirth and all the
As we age, it becomes easier to lose muscle and harder to build it. I’m not necessarily talking about ripped abs and massive guns, but maintaining muscle mass as we
You know it’s well and truly winter in Canberra, when you have to factor an extra 15 minutes in the morning to defrost your car! It’s the time of year
Feeling uninspired when it comes to feeding kids after a long day at school? It happens every day, yet we can still feel caught off guard! It’s easy to get
Eating out is a big part of our culture - work meetings are conducted over coffee, catch ups at cafés with old friends for brunch. Going out to a fancy
There is much to be gained from boosting your protein intake, including but not exclusive to, muscle mass and strength. Protein is important because it keeps our immune system firing
Whether you’re a newbie or a well-seasoned gym junkie, what you eat to fuel your body is important at all stages to get the most out of your workout! The