Studio 3 – CIRCUIT

Studio 3 – CIRCUIT


Mixing up strength and cardio focussed stations, using machines, free weights and other fitness tools, you will get a wholebody workout that you can modify as needed.

Active Living

Move it or lose it as they say! And if you’ve already lost it, come and regain it again. A circuit with cardio and coordination stations. Functional exercises to help with strength and mobility. Medical clearance required.

Cross Body

Combining different elements of fitness each class to maximise your health. Starting with either Swiss Ball or Cycle then head into studio 3 and exercise using equipment to complete your workout.


A High Intensity Interval Training full body workout to increase fitness, strength and endurance. Each session uniquely mixes a range of equipment and conditioning exercises.

Healthy Hearts

One hour class to help you exercise using a personalized individual program whilst supervised by qualified instructors to help you manage your medical condition. Full approval by a medical practitioner is required.

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