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Five reasons why people work with a personal trainer

At Anytime Fitness Stellar, our members often ask if personal training is something they should consider. These members come from a range of backgrounds – from people who have never set foot in a gym, to existing members struggling to lose weight, and people returning from injury.

Regardless of where you’re coming from, there are five main reasons for considering a Personal Trainer (PT):


a good PT is worth their weight in motivation. They make you excited to train and will have you looking forward to your next session as soon as it is over.


with appropriate guidance from a PT you’ll know exactly what’s expected every time you step into the gym. This reduces the risk of under-training or falling back into old habits.


– having a personal trainer makes you a whole lot more accountable. Knowing you have to be at a certain place at a certain time can make a huge difference to the consistency of your training, and it’s this consistency that can make the difference in the long-term.


with a PT by your side, not only will you know what to do but also learn the why behind the what. Having someone with knowledge and understanding will get you the changes you want and to understand how you will get there. Whether it’s the best heart rate zone for fat loss or the most appropriate rep scheme for muscle size, you’ll be informed about the process.


it’s widely recognised that training with another person adds to the enjoyment. With a PT, you’ll have a positive and supportive buddy built into the process. It makes your gym time so much more fun!


Anytime Fitness Stellar’s team of qualified and experienced personal trainers is passionate about helping you identify and achieve your fitness goals. They can develop a fitness plan tailored specifically to your needs, abilities and preferences. They’ll guide you through the process, gently pushing you beyond what you thought was possible.

Personal training is also highly flexible. You can choose from handful of sessions to get you back on track, or weekly ongoing appointments to help you achieve your long-term goals.

For all these reasons and more, engaging a personal trainer makes sense.