Stellar Canberra Freeze Request Form

Stellar Canberra Freeze Request Form

You may temporarily suspend your Membership Agreement at any time and for any reason for a fee of 35 cents per day. This may be for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to a maximum of 12 weeks, so long as:

A. All Membership Fees are paid up to date at the time of your notice of suspension.

B. You may suspend your Membership Agreement by giving Stellar Canberra reception written notice (in advance) of your intention to suspend.

During any suspension made in accordance with these terms, the Fixed Term is extended for the length of the suspension.

You may suspend your Membership Agreement for a longer period should it be for a reason of temporary physical incapacity by providing a medical certificate to accompany your suspension application, this will need to be approved by management. No suspension fees will be charged in this circumstance.

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